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Introducing Blogfest no. 2: #AcademicPublishing

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


After the grand success of our #MeToo blogfest, we are now launching our second blogfest on one of the hottest topics in academia: #AcademicPublishing. We have had many internal debates about this topic here at SGS. It's time to bring this discussion from the corridors to the blog!

Topics and Guidelines

We welcome 600 to 800-word commentaries on #AcademicPublishing. We are hoping to have some great conversations and debates about this topic, including but not restricted to:

- open access and "Plan S"

- the need to “publish or perish,”

- quantity vs. quality,

- Where to publish? Should we care about journal rankings and book publishers?

- peer review,

- monograph vs. compilation (at the Ph.D. level),

- collaboration and co-authorship,

- publishing as “third mission,”

- academic publishing and neoliberalism,

- the politics of citation, and

- the coloniality of publication.


We invite academics, students, and professionals interested in and knowledgeable of the trials and tribulations of #AcademicPublishing to contribute to this debate by addressing one or more of the topis above, or an issue related to #AcademicPublishing.

Submission and Publication

Please send questions, comments, and/or posts to any member of the editorial team including,, and All contributions are reviewed and revised before publication on; this review process also includes language editing.

Feel free to circulate this call in your networks.

We will accept contributions until the 15th of August!

/Elizabeth, Swati, and Theo

Don’t have anything to say about #AcademicPublishing? No problem! We are always accepting blog posts on a wide range of topics! Feel free to contact us for more information.


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