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When we have the audacity to call ourselves "global" we should at least make the attempt to address the world. 

What is this about?

On this blog, staff members of the School of Global Studies (University of Gothenburg) and guest authors from the academic community at large post about topics related to their work in a way that is accessible to the general public. We want to create a dialogue with people inside and outside of academia that goes beyond publications in peer-reviewed journals and includes essays, opinion pieces, short stories, images, poems, and in future maybe even podcasts and videos. 

The editorial team

We are (from left to right) Swati Parashar, Kit Narey, and Dustin Johnson. If you have any questions or want to publish on this blog, please get in touch with us:

Swati Parashar: swati.parashar[at] 

Kit Narey: kit.narey[at]

Dustin Johnson: dustin.johnson[at]


Legal Disclaimer:

The University of Gothenburg is not responsible for content in comments published by the blogger's readers. This blog is associated with the University of Gothenburg only insofar as most of the texts are written or edited by people employed at the School of Global Studies.The responsibility lies with the publishers of this blog and not with the university. The posts represent the private opinions of the respective author and should not be seen as representative for the entire School of Global Studies or the University of Gothenburg. Thus, posts or comments made by users are not to be considered as faculty information from the university and do not convey the university's views.

Note that, for security reasons, blog comments need to be approved before publishing, which may take one day after they are submitted.

Everything written on the blog, blog posts and readers' comments, is published openly on the Internet and can be read by the public. Published posts and comments on the blog can constitute public action.

To the best of our knowledge, all media shared on this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons. As long as you link to this blog and name the respective author, you are free to share and adapt posts publications on this blog for non-commercial purposes. 

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