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The last post of the year!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Theo Aalders | 20 December 2019

This is not only a season's greeting, but also a commentary on climate change. Source: author.

Hey, this is your webmaster speaking, so listen up!

The blog team is going on Christmas break, making this the last post of 2019. We’ll be back on January 6, 2020! I want to use this occasion to update everyone on some blog-related news and preview the awesome things we’ve already lined up for next year. They’re exciting!

So, first of all, I want you to take note of the new comment section. Previously, it was necessary to create a Wix-account to comment on a post. I have now done what everyone is constantly warning people not to do and opened the comment section to anonymous trolls, er, I mean: commentators. If this move opens the gates of hell, I will reverse it. But, for now, please try it out!

I also understand that some of the wonderful people on our mailing list have not gotten new post notifications. In order to solve that problem, please white-list Blogal Studies in your email account. This will ensure that new post notifications are delivered to your inbox rather than your spam folder. (If that doesn't work, then I'm at wits' end. What do you think I am? Actually competent in webmastering?) Oh, and for everyone who hasn’t signed up yet; please do so by entering your email address in the designated field above this post! We promise to sell your information to only the good kind of international-big-data-tech-company (i.e., none of them).

Coming to your local BlogalStudies in 2020

I am super excited about the upcoming BlogFest on populism! There will be a text about the relation between populism and the EU, the performance of the radical right on the international stage, and many more. Most of the posts are already in the pipeline and ready to go online after we return on January 6th.

Apropos pipelines: We think we may have a couple more Academic Writing posts heading our way so stay tuned for those. More importantly, we already have another BlogFest coming up! It’s about the environment and stuff! We will officially announce this BlogFest early next year, but you’re welcome to start contemplating interesting environmental issues from a Blogal perspective.

Lastly but not least-ly, Elizabeth and I are transitioning off of the blog team. We both have this trivial thing called a thesis to finish, and we’ve promised our respective supervisors to say ‘no’ to everything else, which sadly, also includes the blog. BlogalStudies has grown into something amazing, and we believe that it has developed enough momentum that it no longer requires particular people to carry it. If you’re interested in either language editing or web-mastering – or have questions about the precise meaning of either of these tasks– then please get in touch with Elizabeth or me!

That’s it from me, happy holidays and see you next year!



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Theo is a PhD student at the School of Global Studies and part of the editorial team of the blog. In his work as well as his free time he thinks about railways, broken things, scales, donkeys, comics, and desire paths. He believes that it's pretty incredible that he actually gets paid for that.


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