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Launching our first BlogFest: "Reflections on the #MeToo Movement."

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

31 October 2018

MeToo, women's march, pussyhat, poseidon, göteborg, gothenburg, 2017, demonstration, protest, knitting
Women's March 2017 in Gothenburg. Photo: own


Pretty much exactly one year ago, In October 2017, #MeToo was launched as a viral social media campaign to empower survivors of sexual violence and harassment. A year later, the #MeToo movement has become a significant, transnational initiative for recognition and change. In acknowledgement of the continued significance of #MeToo, SGS launches its first thematic BlogFest, "Reflections on the #MeToo Movement".

Topics and Guidelines

We welcome 600 to 800 word commentaries on the #MeToo campaign in different geographies, institutions, and feminisms. Specifically, we invite contributions that address questions such as: Where (and what) is the movement today? How have feminists globally responded to #MeToo? Has the movement (adequately) addressed intersectionality? How and to what extent has the #MeToo Movement impacted social movements generally? How has the movement clarified and/or transformed notions of sexual violence? How has the movement altered future trajectories? What does/should justice look like in the #MeToo era?


We invite activists, academics, students, and professionals interested in and knowledgeable of the #MeToo movement in its various forms to contribute to this debate by addressing one or more of the questions above, or an issue related to #MeToo.

Submission and Publication

Please send questions, comments, and/or posts to any member of the editorial committee including,, and All contributions are reviewed and revised before publication on

Feel free to circulate this call in your networks.

We will accept contributions until the 31st of December!

Elizabeth, Swati, and Theo


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